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Divorcing Without WarChanging the Terms of Your Divorce Decree When It No Longer Fits Your Reality

Atlanta Modification of Divorce Decree Lawyers

It is a legally complex process to change the terms and conditions of a divorce decree. The party seeking the modification needs to show that the circumstances leading to the original order have changed and that the terms covered by the decree need modification. In the case of the divorce decree, some terms cannot be changed or modified after the decree is finalized. In Georgia, this includes property and asset division. However, some other issues like child custody, child support and visitation can be modified according to the circumstances of the parties. 

At Atlanta Family Law Group, we appreciate that many things can change from the date of the entry of the divorce to the present.  Under those circumstances, it is only fair to change the terms of the divorce decree as the circumstances of each party has evolved.   Our experienced attorneys aim to obtain a fair and equitable way to divide the marital assets, properties and to determine child custody and marital financial issues before and after a divorce is finalized.  If you want to get in-depth knowledge of how to change the terms and conditions of your divorce decree, contact us at (404) 963-9452. 

How To Modify A Georgia Divorce Decree

Before modifying the divorce terms of a divorce decree, material circumstances such as income, financials, work burdens or circumstances of the children must have substantially changed for one or both former spouses.  On occasion, a modification of the divorce decree may be agreed to by the former spouses.  Even in that event, the modification agreement must still be formally filed and approved by the Court to have any legal significance.  When former spouses do not agree on the modification of the terms of the final divorce decree, one party may file a petition for modification with the Court to request a change to the terms of the order.  The Court will then determine whether the decree should be modified and if so, how to equitably accomplish that modification. Some of the more common instances that may justify a change in circumstances that may justify a modification of a final divorce decree include:

  • A change in income of one or both former spouses
  • Relocation of the minor child or of one of the parents
  • The Primary custodian's inability to continue to act in the best interest of the minor child
  • Material changes in the financial circumstances of one or both former spouses. 

These are only a few of the many reasons that a modification of a divorce decree may be granted.  Any modification should be intended to create a more equitable arrangement for both former spouses or their children.  

Contact an Atlanta Divorce Decree Modification Attorney

If you or someone you know is interested in modifying the terms of a divorce decree, it is imperative to speak with an experienced divorce attorney that can obtain the modifications that you need. At Atlanta Family Law Group, we believe that no divorce decree should be unfair to either spouse.  We are dedicated to finding the balance that allows both the adults and children to benefit the most, even if that means altering the terms of the original divorce.  Contact us at (404) 963-9452 to learn how we may be able to help you alter the terms of your final divorce decree.  


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