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If you are reading this page, you are probably facing a life-altering family law issue. You've reached your breaking point. Something has to change. You have some concerns. You don't know what to expect. You're afraid of what life after this will look like. What will the future hold? You're wondering what next steps should be. We understand what you're going through. We will stand by you and walk you through your case every step of the way.

We get it.

At Atlanta Family Law Group, we handle a wide range of family law matters. Our services are specifically tailored to address the individual needs of our clients. Our clients become family. You are not just another case to us. Our team genuinely cares about the impact that a family law matter has on our clients and their families.

We understand that family law cases are not just legal matters but involve complex emotional, psychological, and financial aspects that may influence the entire process. We not only provide legal advice, but the emotional support that you need to help you and your children get through this successfully, while preserving these relationships when you come through on the other side.

We know that restructuring your family through a divorce or custody case is a perplexing life event. We understand the stress that you are under when facing a divorce or custody matter. Everyone experiences these things in a different way. In our initial meeting, we listen. We listen to what your goals are and ascertain what is most important to you. We want to know your hopes, your fears and most importantly, your goals and expectations. We want to know what you need from your attorney and what you may need from other professionals who can become a part of your team to help you through this transition.

We acknowledge that contentious and protracted litigation may not be right for every family, so we discuss alternative methods of resolving your disputes during our client strategy sessions. However, we realize that in some instances, it is necessary to fight to obtain the justice and results that our clients deserve. Our firm is results oriented, that is why each representation is started with a focus on our client's goals.

We believe that every client deserves access to a legal process that will foster psychological and emotional well-being and that acknowledges and addresses the strains that divorce and custody cases place on both the involved adults and children alike. The core belief of Atlanta Family Law Group is that a divorce or custody matter should not devastate a party financially or destroy the parent-child relationships simply because a romantic relationship has failed.

We know you're probably anxious to get answers to some important questions. The best way to do that is to schedule a consultation with our office. Let's discuss how we may be able to assist you with your family law matter. Contact us at (404) 963-9452.

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Questions You Should Ask

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Long Will My Divorce Take?

Fortunately, there is no lengthy waiting period in Georgia for divorce cases. An uncontested divorce can be granted in as little as 31 days. In order for the Court to have jurisdiction to grant your final divorce decree, the case must be pending for at least 31 days after service on the defendant. On average, most contested divorce cases take nine to twelve months to resolve. If you and your spouse have an agreement as to the custody of your children and division of your assets, it is possible that an attorney at Atlanta Family Law Group can help you draft all of the required paperwork, including a divorce decree, settlement agreement and parenting plan, and assist you in obtaining the judge's signature on the Decree on or after the thirty first day after the service on the defendant. This is the fastest possible outcome.

Finalizing your divorce in that short window of time is possible for some parties. But often, it takes time for people to determine what their marital estate is and then reach agreements as to how to divide it. Additionally, custody disputes and disagreements on child and spousal support often expand the length of the litigation. Even if you believe that your divorce is relatively simple or easy, it is possible that you have not considered something that could provide a benefit to you or your children. It is highly recommended that you have an attorney at Atlanta Family Law Group review any potential agreements that you have reached so that you can consider your options and reduce your risk in your divorce before signing off on your Final Divorce Decree.

How Do We Divide Our Stuff?

During your divorce case, you will be asked to provide information on all of your assets. This includes your vehicles, real property, bank accounts, mortgages, credit card balances, brokerage accounts, inheritances, businesses, business interests, trust accounts, retirement accounts, stock, restricted stock, and other assets. Once we have a complete understanding and list of what you own, we can then discuss how you would prefer to divide up your marital property. Providing this information to your attorney is the first step in the process. Exchanging that information with the other party during the discovery process is typically the next step in the litigation process. With parties having significant assets, determining how to divide up the marital estate can be one of the most complicated processes of the divorce. This can be an easy task when the parties agree on who will get what. However, when there is a dispute, it can be a long, drawn out ordeal. If you have a marital estate worth a significant amount of money, you will want to have it thoroughly reviewed to examine the implications of its division so as not to put at risk hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. If the parties cannot agree to the division of their estate after negotiating between themselves and their attorneys, a court may equitably divide the marital property during a trial. It is imperative that the parties have the assistance of an attorney during trial given the thousands of dollars at stake.

Is Legal separation an option in Georgia?

Legal separation, per se, is not an option in Georgia. However, there is a remedy to determine the issues of the marriage outside of a divorce case. This is typically done through a separate maintenance action. Parties will often file a separate maintenance action when they do not want to obtain an actual divorce but need to stop accumulating marital assets and debts or they need to decide temporary issues of support. We most often see this when the parties' religious beliefs prohibit or frown upon divorce. We also occasionally see this when one party is ill and they live separately, but the ill party still needs financial support or to maintain insurance benefits. If you and your spouse have decided to separate, but are not yet ready to divorce, separate maintenance may be a viable option to determine the financial issues of the marriage.

How do you put a value on the business?

Businesses acquired or started during the marriage may be marital assets subject to equitable division. To determine the value of the business, a business valuation expert may be necessary. You may need to speak with an experienced divorce attorney about the value of the rest of the marital estate to ensure that the business can be awarded to the business owner and a fair amount of the remainder of the marital estate to the business owner's spouse. It can oftentimes be beneficial to speak with an attorney prior to filing for divorce so that you can begin gathering the necessary information that will be needed in the divorce.


Meet the Attorneys

Managing Attorney Nishit Patel

Nishit initially developed his love for the practice of Marital and Family law while working in the public sector. Within his first year of practice Mr. Patel was exposed to dozens of complex custody battles which he either successfully mediated or took to trial. Desiring to utilize his strong business acumen and understanding of complex financial matters he joined a boutique private firm and later successfully established his own firm, N.V.P. Law, P.A., in Sarasota, Florida representing a multitude of small businesses and business owners as they navigated their way through divorce and separation.

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Attorney Ellaretha Coleman

Ms. Coleman received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Central Florida, and went on to get her Juris Doctor from Howard University School of Law. While attending law school, she was a member of the Charles Hamilton Houston Moot Court Team, which helped her to hone her oral advocacy skills.

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Attorney Robert Miller

Robert practices both estate planning and family law. He found offering estate planning provided an integrated approach to his clients and their post-divorce plans. Robert provides representation and guidance in all areas of estate planning including drafting Last Will and Testaments, Financial Powers of Attorney, and Advance Directives for Healthcare and Trusts. In addition to estate planning, he also provides skilled representation in Family Law, representing people in divorce, custody, contempt and modification actions.

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  • She Got Custody of My Son

    I owe Mrs. Coleman everything! My son's mother was about to run off to another state with my son and Mrs. Coleman was not only able to stop her from leaving, but she also got me custody of my son. Everyone told me it wasn't possible and that I would never get custody in Georgia, even with other a... Read On

  • Wonderful Divorce Attorney

    Ellaretha made the process as easy as it could possibly be. Continued to keep me abreast with updates. I did not have to appear in court nor did my ex; which was a blessing to not have to use vacation days to sit around in court. Read On

  • Super Attorney

    Nishit was an excellent advocate for my case. The professionalism he exhibited throughout my divorce case impeccable. His consistent level demeanor and focus was outstanding, and his attention to detail was unquestioned. I believe that any client would be extremely fortunate to have this gentlema... Read On

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If you are reading this page, you are probably facing a life-altering family law issue. You’ve reached your breaking point. Something has to change.


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