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What To Know When Your Child May Be Relocating

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Custody Modifications Due to Custodial Parent Relocation

As the years go by, modifications to child visitation, custody, and child support agreements may be needed. Atlanta Family Law Group helps parents living in the Atlanta Metro Area get modifications approved to their court orders in order to keep them relevant to everchanging visitation and custody conditions.

Nobody can predict what the future will bring. If a parent's circumstances leave him or her no choice but to move away from the state or the city, child visitation and custody orders may need to be updated to reflect this new situation.

In Georgia, if a custodial parent wishes to move away along with their child or children, they must first serve proper notice about this decision to the noncustodial parent in advance of the move. In cases where the noncustodial parent has no objection to the move, a revised parenting plan needs to simply be filed with the court. But if the noncustodial parent objects to this move, then a modification of custody or visitation petition will need to be filed so that the court can address whether to allow the move.  

There is no longer a presumption that the primary custodian of a child should maintain primary custody in a relocation.  The court must ascertain whether it is in the child's best interest to relocate.  Some factors that the court will consider are the moving parent's reason for moving, the age of the child, the child's relationship both parents and to the community, each parent's ability to provide the child with love, guidance and a good education and each parent's knowledge of the child's needs.  The court will also consider whether or not the child will suffer irreparable harm by being denied regular contact with the non-moving parent.  If the court determines that the move is not in the child's best interest, custody may be turned over to the child's non-relocating parent.

Whether you are contemplating a move or are facing the possibility of your child being moved away from you, we can help.  Atlanta Family Law Group can aid parents in developing revised parenting agreements that have updated visitation and custody schedules based on the circumstances of the move.

Custodial Parent Relocation & Preserving Important Parent-Child Relationships

When custodial parents move away with their children, this is a choice that affects everybody in the family. Due to the move, the logistics associated with visitation can get more expensive and complex. It could also cause the noncustodial parent to miss out on quality time with their children.

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