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Legal Help for Child Support Payment Changes and Modifications

Atlanta Child Support Modification Attorneys

Do you want to get your child support payments reduced?  Do you believe you are entitled to more child support than you are currently receiving? Under Georgia law, the amount of child support is determined by using a child support worksheet taking into account the income of both parents and the financial expenses of the child for child care, health insurance and extraordinary educational expenses.  

When it comes to child support payment obligations, the attorneys at Atlanta Family Law Group will protect your rights as a parent of divorce or a child custody action.  We have the professional and technical skills and resources to investigate the financial data relevant to complex Georgia child support calculations.  We understand the critical and contentious issues on both sides of the child support issue and work aggressively to ensure that your interests are being represented fairly.  

Child Support Changes/Modifications

Time doesn't stand still – and neither do people's lives.  The courts recognize that financial circumstances change.  If the situations of your life have affected your original child support obligations, you may be entitled to request a modification to your existing child support order.  

You might be granted a child support modification if circumstances have changed such as:

  • Loss of income of the non-custodial parent
  • Your children have moved out of the jurisdiction and your parenting time has been greatly affected
  • Your child has been spending significantly more time in your home and the original anticipated percentage of parenting time has been greatly impacted
  • Your child has extraordinary educational or medical needs that were not anticipated in the original order
  • An increase or decrease in income of either party

There are many other scenarios where the court will consider a child support change. It is best to talk to an experienced professional at our firm to discuss your specific circumstances. With an experienced child support attorney behind you who has a thorough understanding of the complex financial issues and the need for accurate valuations, you will have the ability to present and support your claim for an upward or downward child support modification with confidence.  If you or someone you know is facing a child support modification matter, contact us today at (404) 963-9452 to discuss how we can help you accomplish your child support goals.


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